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Wholesale Jolly Gel

We are always looking for new distributors for Jolly Gel and we invite you to join with us.

As you are possibly aware, Jolly Gel is well-known (and well-loved) by
thousands of pool-owners in Spain and further afield.
Once someone has used it for the first time they will always use it.

They like it so much because it cleans the pool better than anything else
available on the market and because it saves them time, water, electricity,
heat and chemicals - and also saves much more money than it costs!

They like it because there is no mess, no spills, no toxicity, no residues
and no possibility of over-dosing.

Jolly Gel is completely non-toxic and is the only pool clarifying gel that has a
Certificate of Homologation from the Spanish Ministry of Health, number 12-70-4627.

Jolly Gel promises a lot and delivers on every count.
There are now some poor copies on the market, but nothing does the job half so well
as the original Jolly Gel, manufactured by MSI (UK) for over 35 years,
and sold in 140 countries worldwide.

As an add-on to your regular products Jolly Gel brings a lot of plusses: -

We will publicise your business as a new distributor of Jolly Gel,
and we'll help you to sell your stock quickly, in several ways.

1 By advertising online through Facebook Groups in your local area.
2 By including your business in our online Retailers List and Retailers Map.
3 Through local newspapers, press and other printed publications.
4 By advertising on Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

With each order of Jolly Gel we will send bilingual Pool Care booklets detailing
everything a pool-owner needs to know to keep their pool in perfect condition,                                                                           
with a full page of the benefits of using Jolly Gel, and including the pages opposite.

It gives detailed, explicit instructions on how to clean the pool and filters,
every switch and valve in the correct order, to get a perfect result.
Note: - we have used the same images in all of our previous booklets and know from
experience that people retain them for years.
Many times we find a copy from 2008 or 2009 in a new clients' pump room
when we visit for the first time.
This is free, ongoing, advertising for your business.

We will also send explanatory leaflets for the 'curious' customer, and an A4 point-of-sale sticker for counter-top or window.

Our publicity will bring new faces to your business, and those new faces will return time after time to buy more Jolly Gel.
They might even buy something else from you while they are visiting.

Buy below in quantities of 6, 12 or 24 and see how swiftly they sell - before ordering more.


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