Save Money

10 money-saving reasons to use Jolly Gel and Zeoclere together
Perfectly clean pool water
1     Our 2 best-sellers, Jolly Gel and Zeoclere-30 were designed from the outset to work hand-in-hand for a complete filtration solution. These very effective products have worked as a team for over 20 years. They are used together in thousands of Community, Commercial and Public-access pools (Urbanisation, Municipal, Leisure Centre and Hotel pools, etc.), who are very aware of the improved water quality and cash savings they enjoy every year), plus countless private pools world-wide.
Using both together will save any pool owner more than the cost of the products.
2     The pool water will have a ‘polish’; feeling and looking great! The water will be the cleanest, clearest and most transparent it has ever been, or ever can be!  This has other, perhaps unexpected, advantages above and beyond the simple appearance of the pool.
There are real benefits for: -
- the filter *
- the pump * 
- the water bill *
- the chemicals bill *
- bather-comfort *
- periodic maintenance costs *
3*      Your sand-filter contents will last longer!  The media in the filter, be it sand, Zeoclere, glass or anything else, would last indefinitely if it weren’t for the fact that tiny 'microparticles' (smaller than 2 microns - and much too small to be caught in a normal sand-filter) gradually but inexorably erode the media as they pass through the filter; which creates ever more microparticles. Over time the erosion becomes so great that the filter cannot keep the pool clean.  By capturing these microparticles, and 'holding them prisoner’ until the next backwash, Jolly Gel reduces media erosion and greatly extends filter life. Zeoclere-30 lasts up to 3 times as long as Silex!
Note: -These microparticles are mostly the result of filter-media grains banging into one another during a filter backwash.
Reducing backwash frequency minimises the number of microparticles and extends filter life.
4*      The pump will last longer - the impeller is not worn away by the tiny abrasive particles in the circulating water. The same applies to the selector valve, or the electrodes of a salt-water chlorinator, or a pH pump – everything lasts longer when the water is perfectly clean.
5*      Backwashing frequency is greatly reduced when Jolly Gel and Zeoclere-30 are used together as a team.  Instead of backwashing the filter each time the pool is cleaned it is usually possible to reduce this to every 4 - 6 weeks, saving thousands of litres of expensive water (and it's unlikely to get any cheaper!), and many hours of maintenance, every year.
6*      When a backwash is carried out some  costly pool-chemicals are pumped out to the drains The pool is then re-filled with fresh water; so you have to top the chemical levels up. Reducing backwashing reduces chemical usage and saves money.
7*      Zeoclere removes Ammonia and dissolved metals from the pool, meaning no chloramine smells, no red eyes, no itchy skin, no mineral staining to pool surfaces and no need to buy expensive sequestration chemicals.
8       Jolly Gel removes Phosphates from the pool. Phosphates are Algae food. The less food there is available to algae – the less likelihood of an algae attack. Therefore, chlorine levels can be reduced - more savings!
9       Water so clean that it's almost invisibleZeoclere-30 and Jolly Gel, when used together, filter as efficiently as, or better than, the vastly more expensive Diatomaceous Earth filters, for a fraction of the cost
10*   Zeoclere has a uniquely proven life of 10-plus years in a standard sand-filter. Many Commercial and Public-access pools are still enjoying perfectly clean water 12 years later - without changing the Zeoclere filter media! Traditional filter sand (Silex) must be changed after 4 years at considerable cost so huge savings are made here.
All in all, using Zeoclere and Jolly Gel together will save more money than it costs over the next 10 years or even longer, while you enjoy a perfectly clean pool with less chemicals in it!